Table of Contents
Fifty Ways to Use Poems
Poetry Links to Phonics Lessons
Sample Poems
Sing a Song of Poetry (Grade 2)
Table of Contents
    Introduction 1-2
    Values and Goals of Poetry in Kindergarten Classrooms

    The Elements of Poetry 3-6
    Figurative Language
    Language Patterns
    Sensory Images

    Selecting Poetry for Young Children 7

    Planning for Teaching Opportunities When Revisiting a Text 9-10
    Word Analysis Teaching Opportunities When Revisiting Poetry

    Tools for Using Poetry 12
    Instructional Contexts for Poetry 13
    Interactive Read-Aloud
    Shared Reading
    Choral Reading and Performance
    Independent Reading
    Writing Poetry

    Types of Poetry 16-21
    Nursery Rhymes
    Rhymed Verse
    Free Verse (Unrhymed)
    Word Play
    Humorous Verse
    Action Songs and Poems
    Concept Poems

    Fifty Ways to Use Poems—Plus! 23

    Poetry Links to Phonics Lessons 29

    Poems 33-297
    A A, My Name Is Alice
    Afternoon on a Hill
    Aiken Drum
    The Animal Fair
    Apples Are Red
    Apples, Peaches
    As I Was Going to Banbury
    At the Seaside
    At the Zoo
    Autumn Leaves
    Away Down East
    B Bat, Bat
    The Bear
    Bears Eat Honey
    Bed in Summer
    Betty Botter
    Big Ship Sailing
    Birds of a Feather
    Bow-wow, Says the Dog
    The Boy Stood in the Supper-room
    Bring the Wagon Home, John
    The Brook
    Buffalo Gals
    Bunnies' Bedtime
    The Bus
    Buttercups and Daisies
    The Butterfly
    C Calico Pie
    The Cat of Cats
    A Caterpillar Crawled
    The Centipede's Song
    The Chickens
    Choosing a Kitten
    The City Mouse and the Garden Mouse
    Cockles and Mussels
    The Codfish
    The Cow
    Cradle Song
    The Cupboard
    Curly Locks
    D Daffy Down Dilly
    December Leaves
    Denise Sees the Fleece
    Do Your Ears Hang Low?
    Doctor Foster
    Donkey, Donkey
    The Donut Song
    Down by the Bay
    E Elephant
    The Elephant Goes Like This
    Eye Rhymes
    F Fiddle-i-fee
    "Fire! Fire!" Cried Mrs. McGuire!
    Five Cream Buns
    Five Currant Buns
    Five Fat Turkeys
    Five Little Owls
    Five Waiting Pumpkins
    Fooba Wooba, John
    Found a Peanut
    Four Seasons
    The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
    Frog Went A-courtin'
    Fuzzy Little Caterpillar
    G The Goat
    Going on a Bear Hunt
    Gold Ships
    Golden Slumbers
    Good, Better, Best
    Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!
    The Greedy Man
    The Greengrocer's Love Song
    Gregory Griggs
    H Happy Thought
    Hickety, Pickety
    Higgledy, Piggledy, See How They Run
    The Hobbyhorse
    The House That Jack Built
    How Many Miles to Babylon?
    How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck
    Humpty Dumpty
    I I Don't Suppose
    I Hear Thunder
    I Like Silver
    I Live in the City
    I Never Saw a Purple Cow
    I Raised a Great Hullabaloo
    I Saw Esau
    I Saw a Ship A-sailing
    I Thought
    I Went Downtown
    I Went to the Pictures Tomorrow
    If All the Little Raindrops
    If All the Seas Were One Sea
    If All the World Were Apple Pie
    If Wishes Were Horses
    If You Ever
    If You Notice
    If You're Happy and You Know It
    I'm a Frozen Icicle
    In the Morning
    Intery, Mintery, Cutery, Corn
    The Itsy, Bitsy Spider
    I've Been Working on the Railroad
    J Jack Frost
    Jack Sprat
    Jelly on the Plate
    Jingle Jangle
    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    K Kitten Is Hiding
    Knock, Knock
    L A Lady Went A-marketing
    The Land of Counterpane
    Little Arabella Miller
    Little Robin Redbreast
    The Littlest Worm
    M Make New Friends
    Mary Wore Her Red Dress
    Michael Finnegan
    Milkman, Milkman
    Miss Mary Mack
    Miss Polly Had a Dolly
    Mr. Crocodile
    Mr. Nobody
    Monday's Child
    The Months of the Year
    The Moon
    Moses Supposes
    A Mouse in Her Room
    The Mulberry Bush
    My Father Is Extremely Tall
    My Love for You
    My Old Hen
    My Shadow
    N Nest Eggs
    New Shoes
    New Sights
    A Nonsense Alphabet
    The North Wind Doth Blow
    Not a Word
    Now We Are Gathering Nuts in May
    O Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening
    Oh, Susanna!
    Old King Cole
    The Old Man and the Cow
    Old Mother Hubbard
    Once I Saw a Bunny
    Once I Saw a Little Bird
    One Bottle of Pop
    One Misty, Moisty Morning
    One Old Oxford Ox
    One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
    The Orchestra
    Out and In
    Over in the Meadow
    Over the River and Through the Wood
    P Pairs or Pears
    Pawpaw Patch
    A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track
    Peter Piper
    Porridge Is Bubbling
    The Postman
    The Ptarmigan
    Q Queen, Queen Caroline
    R The Rain
    The Rain Is Raining All Around
    Robert Rowley
    Rock-a-bye Baby
    Row, Row, Row Your Boat
    S A Sailor Went to Sea
    The Sausage
    The Secret
    Seven Blackbirds in a Tree
    She Sells Seashells
    Shoo Fly
    Silly Simon
    Sing Your Way Home
    Sippity Sup
    Skip to My Lou
    Slowly, Slowly
    Sneeze on Monday
    Someone's Birthday
    Spread It Thick
    Spring Is Coming
    The Squirrel
    Star Light, Star Bright
    Stepping Stones
    Susie Moriar
    The Swing
    T Take Me Out to the Ball Game
    Taking Off
    Teacher, Teacher
    Terrific Toes
    There Was a Bee-eye-ee-eye-ee
    There Was a Crooked Man
    There Was a Little Girl
    There Was a Little Turtle
    There Was an Old Man of Blackheath
    There Was an Old Man of Dumbree
    There Was an Old Man With a Beard
    There Was an Old Person of Ware
    There Was an Old Woman
    There Was a Small Maiden Named Maggie
    There Was a Young Farmer of Leeds
    There Was a Young Lad of St. Just
    There's a Hole in the Bucket
    They That Wash on Monday
    Thirty Days Has September
    A Thunderstorm
    Tree Shadows
    The Turtle
    The Tutor
    Two in the Middle
    Two Little Feet
    Two Little Kittens
    Two Times Table
    2 Y's
    A Twister of Twists
    U Up in the North
    W Walk Fast
    A Walk One Day
    Walking Through the Jungle
    Wash the Dishes
    What Is Pink?
    When I Was One
    Where Go the Boats?
    Whether the Weather
    Who Has Seen the Wind?
    The Wind
    The Wind Blows High
    Z The Zigzag Boy and Girl
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